SKF W6208 Bearing

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SKF W6208 Characteristics:

SKF W6208 Part number
SKF W6208 Available:
SKF W6208 size
40 * 80 * 18
SKF W6208 Product type
Deep Groove Ball Bearings W6208

SKF W6208 Specifications:

SKF W6208 Manufacturer:
SKF Bearings Company
SKF W6208 Classify:
SKF W6208 Bearings Pdf Bore Diameter:
40 (mm)
SKF W6208 Bearings Pdf OuterDiameter:
80 (mm)
SKF W6208 Bearings Pdf B(Width:)
18 (mm)
SKF W6208 Bearings Pdf Old Bearings model:

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